We employ, contract and rub elbows with knowledgeable staff on the ground working with local farmers and agricultural operations in most areas in the northwest.

Farm Real Estate

  • Provide solid relationships between Buyers and Sellers
  • Financial analysis, property valuation, and realistic marketing price recommendations
  • Professional assistance with contract negotiations
  • Escrow management 
  • Effective coordination between Bankers, CPA’s, Appraisers and third party consultants
  • Mapping with detailed Due Diligence analysis

Farm Management

  • Lease negotiations and market rent analysis
  • Strategic business planning
  • Project management of capital improvement oversight
  • Compliance with State and Federal regulations
  • Budgeting, accounting, and bookkeeping

Due Diligence Analysis

  • Analyze water rights place of use, priority date, point of diversion, volume allotment, and Tier impact
  • Summarize soil types, classifications and soil profile impacting crop yields
  • GIS mapping of water rights, fields, crops types, soils, aerials, and ownership
  • Assistance in USDA and programs, compliance and regulations
  • Obtain and assist in accurate property taxes, legal descriptions, title reports, deeds, surveys, and public records
  • Lease market rent analysis
  • Broker real estate valuation analysis (BPO's)

Water Right Consulting

  • Compile, analyze, and summarize water right place of use, priority date, volume allotment, point of diversion, and Tier impact
  • Water right ownership and transfer assistance and compliance
  • Water bank application assistance and analysis
  • Water right and well location GIS mapping
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